The Stewmaker

This is how the story ends

In a steaming pot churning and turning

On a fire that’s cold uncaringly burning

With the Stewmaker watching, teaching and learning

The smell will stuff his nose the smoke will sting his eyes

The steam will scald his skin the stew will catch his lies

A world was busy turning day after day on its own

Night after night on itself. Wrong after right on their own

Its people were changing.

They danced in the rain and hid from the sun

But not for want of reason the sun was dying

To kill them in the day and bury them in the light

But these people, so contrary, they’d bury them in the night

They would burn the living and scorn the dead

They razed the forest from which they came

And raised their young in the ash falling like rain

Everywhere he turned a people without persons

And he was lost in the crowd a pawn in a losing game

If it’s suicide you’re after there’s an old family recipe

It’s slow and painful… You’d enjoy it immensely

But if not son then take this life well salted

And wait child, wait until they’re all dead

At the very least let your death find you alive

But no, he simply could not

Wait until the air was too heavy to breathe

And life was too scary to grieve because

The dead were a lucky lot

And he had everything to die for

The question was how

I’ll go with a stir I’m a galaxy not a star

I’ll turn this world around instead of burn it to the ground

Instead of spiral out of control this one will spin on a wheel

I will hold it all together life will need me and I’ll live forever

A whisper began and then a chant

A ripple that turned into a wave

A world was slowly turning day after day on its own

Night after night on itself. Right after wrong on their own

Its people were changing.

There was disorder there was dust

There was hunger and there was lust

The air was too heavy to breathe

Could it be? Had he become

An instrument of the decadence he wished to overcome?

He told himself no and he let the world know

He led the world, no?

And so

The smell did stuff his nose and the smoke stung his eyes

The steam peeled off his skin and the stew did catch his lies.