Counting crows

I’m seated on a rooftop

I’m counting crows

Clouds are gathering

It’s getting cold

It’s going to fall soon,

The birds are saying.

I’ll be seated on a rooftop

Counting you crows


I’m waving good bye

At who? no one knows

If I waver here’s why

I don’t want you to go

As I stare at the sky

And there’s nothing I see

I have to believe

I simply have to. Believe


I felt the air cool before

the wind picked up pace

She said it smelled like a storm

But I was laden with faith

I watered plants with a song

They yielded fruit for my ear

The farmer knew all along

The wind blew along


I built a house of my fears

It kept me safe from my fears

There I hid with my fears

And longed for my fears

I should have run from my fears

And ran to my fears

I saw the clouds gather on

Who would protect you my fears?


So now I stand on the edge

A step and it is the end

But she did not smell a flood

She never smells wrong

Will she curse at the rain?

Will it soak her in pain?

The rain’s in our blood

I’ll help her cherish the song


I cannot stand that you’re gone

I’ll never move on

I hope I’m grown as it gets

Happier than I let on

Will I seek shelter as it falls?

Perish the thought

I’m seated on a rooftop

I’m counting crows