A Foreboding

There’s a thing that’s coming to this town
It hasn’t been seen and no one’s heard a sound
Picture the tension, breaths held
Limbs of plastic and bodies glued still
Notice the watchmen, their faces a show of will
They watch for anything but that which must
And will
They know and they don’t
It will and it won’t
Forget the end, forget the start
Forget the pull on the trigger
Never mind if it hits its mark
Spare that poor soul and take your mind back
Take that thing with you
Into the barrel, past the big bang
Before the spark, lift just slightly the hammer
Let the whole thing hang
If it won’t hold let it stammer

In that moment before it all comes down
A glass before it hits the floor
It looks like they’re holding their ground
But they can’t tell the roof from the wall
And they don’t know themselves or their might
Yet they seem ready for war
But what’s on its way is not a fight
It’s a song on the verge of tears
On its tune ride all of its fears
It cries out in terror
Getting sweeter and sweeter still
A warning that’s afraid to scream
So it escapes through the night
piercing and shrill

Like the fire demon tired of all the strife
So it went to the house that gave it life
Got caught in the very moment it was born
A little boy in the middle of a room
Walls closing in on him, a radiant tomb
The ceiling painted like a sunrise
If it could only make him open his eyes
But his eyelids were glued against each other
So painfully so that he could only shut them tighter
And oh did he fight to disappear
But the demon knew the ending
And it cried out as it reached for him
Maybe it could fling him just out of reach

When the lie is this great it won’t come out
And when the townspeople speak they won’t let be heard
That one truth they wouldn’t want to hear themselves
Silently the dogs bark at frozen demons
The moon rushes across a cloudy sky
The wind won’t even pretend with that mournful nonsense
It is too cold to even die
And everybody knows what’s coming to them
And they don’t
It is
And it is not